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Meetings take place every 4th Saturday at 2pm


Meetings take place on Saturdays at 2pm

European School of Theosophy




Leicester Events



6th April

Zen and the Martial Arts.
The Paradox Explored

Jim Strupish

4th May

The Work of Lester Levenson

Mark Spiers

1st June

The Sentient Music of Plants

Dave the Flute

6th July

As you think, so you shall become;
now and in the afterlife. Why?

Brigitte Rix


National Summer School

7th September

The Mahatmas

Barry Thompson

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5th October

Secret Golden Nuggets from HPB's Doctrine

Ted Capstick

2nd November

The Priory of the Knights of St Francis

Shaun Johnson

7th December

DVD lecture and meditation.
Bring food to share

Group Participation


Leicester Lodge

All meetings are open to members of the public unless otherwise stated

Tea and biscuits will be served during meetings

The Theosophical Library will be open to members

Theosophical literature and 2nd hand books will be on sale at the meetings


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For more information about the activities of the branch -

Call 0116 270 7293

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